Hero of the Blog: Me

Pyry-Samuli Lahti

Seven long years without focusing on the hero of the blog: ME. Previous post about the hero was my very business trip to New York in 2014.

What was I thinking? Several years of boring Twitter stats and other nerdiness. This madness ends NOW! So what exactly has happened TO ME since 2014? Hold on to your hats, here we go!


Visited Thailand. Had a blast. After coming home, went to a hospital the next morning, and then straight to the clinic of Infectious Diseases, where I later learned that I had gotten three different intestinal bacteria at the same time (quite impressive). I am not naming any names (of the bacteria): don’t want to get a reputation of a shitty guy.

Got a new family member: Momo. After spending the week in the Infectious Diseases clinic with a severe case of diarrhea (among other joyful symptoms), Momo made sure I felt at home (by keeping sure that I still had my daily dosage of poo).

Visited a cottage, Prague, and did a number of chin-ups.

Installed a flower-bed and bought a car.

Visited Berlin with the TrademarkNow gang.


Winter happened.

Got (way too) excited about a trophy, had a vacation in Paris, and consumed food & drinks.

Also, had no recollection about this: but apparently I got really excited about Snapchat (to a seemingly unhealthy degree) for a few months. One could even say, that I was a TikTok influencer way before TikTok!


Visited Sigapore in February and Levi in March.

In May I participated in a CrossFit competition of sorts: a “friendly battle” between the Forever gyms.

In September visited Dubrovnik.

In December enjoyed a ten course dinner in Finnjävel. Probably the best restaurant experience I’ve ever had.


Had a surgery on my elbow. Thought I’d use my endless positivity to join the motivational fitness community with the enclosed inspirational video on Instagram.

One week after the surgery managed to get the zipper up in under 5 minutes! 💪 Limits are meant to be broken! Inspiring others gives meaning to life! ❤️ You just have to have faith in yourself! Only you can change your life, no one can do it for you! It’s not whether you fall down, but whether you get back up. If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done? People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day. YOLO!

However, soon after I lost all my gainz and my Instagram fitness influencer life was over before it began.

Oh, Danny boy, the gains, dem gains are fading! 🎶😢

Visited Germany in July.

Enjoyed an awesome company trip to Lisbon, Portgual in October. Tried also surfing for the first time in my life. I’m told (by myself) that I was the coolest cat on the beach for sure! #hipthrust

Two hours of fun with TrademarkNow team in Woltti circus #lauttasaari. Even our financial controller released his inner child! You can almost see him smiling in one frame. Almost.

Made the most awesome snowman ever! Doggies helped!


Played Dungeons & Dragons and Curling, got married, had a honeymoon in Aruba, and became a daddy. No biggie!

Life is good!


The gang of TrademarkNow in search of fitness.

Hooold up! It turns out life is actually less good than in 2019! 🚨

Global pandemic. Since the beginning of March 2020 I’ve been at the office once. No gym, no friends, no problems! I jinxed the overall human happiness in 2019, sorry about that. 😅 Also, the office parties haven’t quite been the same…

In addition, looks like I’ve suddenly aged about 20 years. Like a fine wine! Look at that sexy daddy-o! 👴