Generative AI for video recognition and voice narration

Pyry-Samuli Lahti

Quick blog post to share a fun project I’ve been working on for the past few days. I found very cool AI Voice Generator and Text to Speech API by ElevenLabs, and played with them to generate a sportscaster narration for a video.

  1. First, I used their Instant Voice Cloning feature to generate a Finnish sportscaster voice model from ten short audio samples of Finnish sports broadcasts.
  2. Then, I used their Text to Speech feature to generate a voice narration for a short video clip from my daughter’s soccer practice.
  3. Finally, I used Apple iMovie to merge the video and the voice narration, combined with some soccer stadium background sound.

Lord and behold, let there be sportscasting

Real-time video narration

I also wrote a quick proof-of-concept web app, that does the same thing in real-time:

  1. Capture video from the webcam
  2. Extract the frames from the video, and feed them to the OpenAI Chat Completions API using the new gpt-4-vision-preview model
  3. Use the ElevenLabs Text to Speech Streaming API to generate the voice narration for the video
  4. Utilize the MediaSource API to stream the narration audio to the browser

Source code

You can view the source code from And even try it out yourself at if you have OpenAI and ElevenLabs API keys at hand. But don’t expect too much, it’s a quick hack. 😅