Life story

Budokas year 1992: Benja (brother), Jarmo (father) and I

The name Lahti, Pyry-Samuli Lahti, and the Legend begins on January 18th of year 1983. The day I was born.

I lived the first six year of my life in the city of Helsinki, Malminkartano, where my parents taught me the basics of survival. Once ready for more challenging living conditions, our family moved to Siuntio, the promised land of agriculture and livestock. It was here, in the vast wilderness of Siuntio, where I truly understood the warrior spirit of Finnish natives. I saw individuals who had lived their whole life fighting the raw elements of nature: bad-ass killer polar bears and the winters of great depression, yet somehow survived. The years of Siuntio were humble times. I learned important skills; such as making fire out of ice cones, and crushing your enemies with Judo.

Budokas year 1992: Benja (brother), Jarmo (father) and I
The enclosed photo tells a brutal story of Finnish depression: having no money we had to clothe ourselves with white togas made from the skin of polar bears.

After primary school it was again time to move forward. My path led me to to Kirkkonummi, Kantvik City, from where I went to Finnish secondary school in Masala Sepän koulu. I studied in a virtual class -program where I was able to apply the advanced computing skills I had learned in the wilderness of Siuntio. Then it was time to move to Tapiolan lukio high school, from where I graduated in year 2002.

In Finland we have this thing called compulsory military service. Awesome. So after high school I spent one year playing Rambo in the forest of Finland in Riihimäki Viestirykmentti. As a military police I learned many useful skills; such as yelling Stop! Military police! and Put the knife down!

After army it was time to recalibrate my brain. So in September 2003 I stared my Ph.D. studies in the Helsinki University of Technology, now known as the Aalto University. In February 2009 I graduated with distinction from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Now I am an adult. So I go to work, and reminisce the years of past glory.